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Hi. I'm Vickie Turley and my prayer is that my  stories of a messy life will give you hope on your journey.
I've done a lot of "getting lost." There have been such lows, such trouble, such messes, that I wasn't sure how to get to the next day. I spent years chasing things, searching for - I'm not sure what.
Finally, I turned back to God, and He said to me, "I've been here all along. I am what you've been searching for." 

If you are searching and haven't found THE answer, join me in this journey. You will never regret it!

Stories Along the Way

Journeys are never straight! Whether you are walking, driving, or flying, it is rarely without some surprises, some twists and turns, some curves, maybe a few hills and valleys, some detours, road construction and delays.
And sometimes we run off the road and even get lost along the way.
Twilight with a Light Trail

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