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Do you Devour or Do you Savor?

You know - it's pretty amazing that when you start looking for God-winks, they are all around you! I had a post all ready to go this morning, all I needed to do was proof it one more time and hit Publish. But then my son face-timed me, God winked at me and a new post was born.

First, I have to say, there is such joy that comes when I look at my phone and someone is face-timing me. I don't use this feature often enough! Anyway, back to my post. My son face-timed me this morning to share the cutest story. He was taking my grandson to school and they decided to have a treat and grab breakfast from Burger King. My grandson got a bacon, egg and cheese croissan'wich and my son asked him how he was enjoying it. "I devoured that sandwich," he said with a laugh. Then he said, "And you know what Nana would say, you must savor it!" They had to call me and tell me about it because, well, this is something I do all the time - I'm always telling my grands to savor their food, not devour it!

I savored this crab - or did I devour it?
Me savoring some crab!

You see - I adore food! I love trying new things, I love tastes and textures, I love spices and herbs. I love to let it hang around in my mouth for a bit and I just savor it! Unlike my grands, who seem to devour their food, get it down as quick as possible, never knowing what they are eating or if it's really good or not.

Immediately after hanging up, I had a thought - truly, it was a God-wink - do we devour or savor God's presence in our lives? Do we eagerly look forward to our quiet time with Him every day? Or is it something we do because we think it's expected? Do we get excited just thinking about what we might learn today? Or do we hurry through it so we can get on with our day?

...who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age... Heb 6:5

Some days, I do try and savor Him - I am still and listen for Him. I spend time in prayer, praying for those He brings to mind. I spend time in His word - searching and seeking out answers to questions. Some days, it's a devouring of His word and my time with Him. I feel rushed so I pray what is heavy on my mind, and I read what needs to be read that day.

Here's what I've learned. God wants us with Him all the time. It's not just when we have quiet time - although I do believe this is so important for our growth and closeness to Him. But I think He is happy when our DAILY lives are showing Him, pointing to Him. It's that quiet time; but it's also that moment when we choose to let someone in front of us at the grocery line; it's that text we send to find out how a friend is doing or just to say you're thinking of them; it's telling my husband thank you for bringing me a surprise when I've been sick.

So maybe my grandkids aren't wrong to devour - and maybe I'm not wrong to savor. Maybe it's a combination of both. Maybe all the time we spend with God and His word, whether it's in small bites or big gulps, all reaps benefits. Maybe we do what we can when we can, and God will do with that what He wishes to glorify His kingdom! Maybe the more time we spend throughout the day looking for ways to point to Him helps us in this messy life!

So to my grandson - I love that you devoured that entire sandwich! And now, I think I will savor a nice piece of chocolate!

How about you? Do you devour? Do you savor? Or am I crazy for thinking this should be a blog post?

Until next time!


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