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Growing in Grace: Week 1

As most of you know, my WOTY (word of the year) for 2024 is grace. I plan to hold myself accountable to focusing on this word; one way to do this is by blogging about my successes and failures. So here we go!

Worship Him and Grow in Grace
Worship Him

I think I did pretty good in Week 1, and honestly, that doesn't surprise me. This is new and exciting for me and when we are embarking on a new journey, it tends to go well - at first.

I focused on not getting angry if things didn't go as planned. I focused on giving grace to others when I was out and about. I focused on not giving my husband "the look" when he was driving me crazy!

I had a couple of stumbles and they were in the area of giving grace to myself (of course!). I worked too late on Wednesday evening and didn't have time to change. So I ended up wearing leggings to church. I have never done that before and I was so self-conscious and worried about what others would think and wondering how I could be so silly to not change before church. When I saw my grandchildren, they commented on my leggings! But they were so kind, saying I looked fine! But I couldn't take their comments with grace; I had to make excuses, talk about my age, etc.

When I got home, I reminded myself that I should have been focusing on grace and I realized two things:

  1. God doesn't care if I wear leggings to church.

  2. I missed a full worship experience worrying about what people were thinking.

Revelations 14:7 says:

"Worship him who made the heavens,

the earth, the sea and the springs of water.”

How can I worship when I'm focused on the wrong things?

So I believe Week 1 gets a grade of B. I will continue working on growing in grace: giving grace to others and accepting grace for myself.

Let's see what Week 2 holds! Until next week,


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