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Growing in Grace: Week 3

God's grace is for everyone who will claim it
God's Grace

I have been amazed at how well my word of the year has been going so far. Maybe it's because I'm so focused on it? I've seen it all around me, given to others, given to me, and I've even felt better about the grace I've given myself this week.

God has given me grace by giving me plenty of time to write this week - and I've tried to use it for His glory. I started rewriting a book I wrote back in 2010, It's a book about virtual assistance so it's going to be difficult to figure out how to write it with God at the lead, being sure to incorporate my faith and beliefs in it. Yet when I began, the introduction flowed like water. I also wrote a blog post earlier this week, about worry and how my youngest grandson and my dog taught me a lesson. That post got so much interaction and I've been thrilled to see how people have responded to it. And now I'm writing this post. Thank you, gracious Father, for allowing me time this week to accomplish so many writing goals!

My husband has been so full of grace this week. I don't normally write about him, except maybe to tell my sisters and mom what a "keeper" he is! He has such a servant's heart and has spent this week helping my mom and his parents - blowing snow from cars, cleaning paths for them to walk, working on their cars - he even went across the street and helped a neighbor get the snow from her car. Yet still he took time to sit and watch a movie with me and my youngest grandson. Thank you, God, for placing such a man in my path and allowing me to spend the past 33 years with him.

I've seen grace in others this week also. Friends from church who provided a meal for someone going through health issues; my conversation with a friend in which I had to say No to something and she was so kind; the lady at the grocery who brought my order out to my car (in the bitter cold) and smiled and was so sweet. Thank you, Creator, for all the people you have put in my path this week to emphasize Grace.

I think my lesson learned this week is this: when we are focused on something, we see it everywhere we go, we hear it in conversations and we experience it ourselves. So focusing on God means: we will see God everywhere we go, we will hear God in all conversations and we will experience God so much more than just during our quiet time, or our worship time. We can make every day an experience with God - we just need to focus!

So I'm thanking God today for putting a focus word for 2024 into my mind and onto my heart. I'm thanking Him that His grace is for me, it's for you, it's for everyone who will just claim it!

I'm going to hold up on posting about the grace journey for a bit. Who knows what else I will write about?

Until next time


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Jan 20

Grace upon grace... Sounds like John 1:16-17. What a lovely winter week you had!


Jan 19

I’m going to ask God to help me

see my word! NEW. lord help me keep my eyes open too.


Jan 19

I love how you’re seeing God everywhere because you chose to focus! It’s so very real!

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