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Messy Lessons for Hope!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

I had no idea as I began pulling out my old journals just how far back they went. I've told others I'm not a "journaling" kind of person, it's just not my thing. But getting them all out, then looking at the different dates in them, I realized maybe I am someone who journals. I have four of them, two in shades of purple (because that's my favorite color), one in a beige color with flowers (because I loved the flowers) and a fourth that is gray; some are almost filled to capacity, others I barely wrote in. But I realized I've been doing this for the past 25 years. And reading back through the entries, the prayers, the pleading, the messiness of life, I thought maybe I could provide a bit of hope, a bit of comfort, to others. Maybe my stories make help you know you are not alone. So it's time to start sharing some of the thoughts and the lessons I've learned through all these years.

I realized today that God asked Moses to record the journey of the Israelites after leaving Egypt.

Numbers 33:2(NIV) says: "At the Lord's command Moses recorded the stages in their journey..."

I wonder why God asked Moses to do this? Could it be that if they had a record of the stages along the way, it would remind them that God was always with them. Even when they doubted, even when they lost their way, even when they were tired and hungry - there was a way to look back and see God and His faithfulness. That gives me such hope!

I'm excited to begin this journey and hope you will walk it with me! As with all of life, some of this will be messy, but God will guide us where we need to go.


Journaling for Hope
My Journals

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