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What My Dog and Grandson taught me about worrying

Buddy, my overweight Beagle, hates getting his picture taken (isn't he cute?). But he loves people, all people! But it's very easy to tell that his favorite person is my youngest grandson, Roman. Yes, I believe Buddy would choose Roman over me!

What my dog, Buddy, taught me about worry
Buddy, my overweight beagle

Buddy and Roman have a bond that is unbreakable, and it sometimes worries me. You see, Buddy has Addison’s disease. I had to do some research on it because I had never heard of it before. It’s actually a human disease which causes an imbalance in his cortisol levels. It can cause a lot of issues, especially abdomen pain and extreme shaking and, if not treated, it will result in death.

Every month Buddy goes to the vet for an injection of Percortin. He also takes Prednisone every day. And because of these medicines, he is overweight, he is hungry all the time, and he doesn’t exercise. All of these combined is sure to mean his lifespan is going to be shortened - and he’s now 9 years old.

So I worry about Roman’s attachment to him. I worry about the day I will have to tell my grandson that his favorite dog is gone. I worry about the grief and how that will manifest in him. I worry about him coming into my house and looking for Buddy, then remembering that he's gone.

But then I watch them together. I see total contentment for Buddy when he snuggles up to Roman and Roman makes room for him, even sharing his blanket with him. I see the joy on Roman’s face as he talks to Buddy and tells him he’s the best, best boy! I see him "sneak" treats to Buddy. I see him sit and watch a movie, patting Buddy the entire time. And I think, would I ever want to stop Roman from being around Buddy so much to save him from the pain that will come when Buddy is no longer with us? Never!

I want them both to enjoy each other as long as they can. I want them to be happy around each other. And I want Roman to have those sweet memories after Buddy is gone.

And it’s the same with us as adults. We shouldn’t  live our lives worrying about the state of the world. We shouldn’t worry about what will happen or might happen or when it will happen. If we go through life living in fear, we will miss all the wonderful little moments that are presented to us. We will miss so many special memories. And God doesn't want us to live this way.

Luke 21:34 (CEV) says:

Don't spend all of your time thinking about eating or drinking or worrying about life. If you do, the final day will suddenly catch you.

That's pretty straight-forward, isn't it? I don't want the final day to "suddenly" catch me! I want to be ready; I want to be able to say I've lived life to its fullest; I want to go with Jesus with no regrets and no thoughts of what I may have missed. And I can't do that by constant worrying.

So how do I do that when Buddy isn't the only thing I worry about? I've been a worrier since I had my children and my oldest is almost 40. So it's been a part of me for a long time. That's a hard habit to change, but one I'm committed to change! As I said above, I want to be ready for the final day.

What I can do is keep my focus on God, knowing that He has a big plan and has everything under control. What I can do when I begin to worry is get into His Word and concentrate on truth instead of worry. What I can do is talk with a trusted friend who will talk me down. And I can be present for the wonderful joys in everyday life, such as watching Roman and Buddy together.

Roman and Buddy
Love defined

What works for you? How can you stop worry from overtaking your thoughts? Leave me some tips, please!

Until next time,


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Jan 18

I’m right there with you in the years of worry since I had my children and my oldest is 35 this year. God is faithful though and has shown me the truth of His word from Isaiah - who wrote that God will keep in perfect peace all who trust in him all who fix their eyes on Him (26:3) and from Paul who wrote - about a peace that passes all understanding when we come to God with our worries - tell God what we need and - thank Him for all He has done - and then he concludes with a statement that changed my life … it’s similar to Isaiah‘s -paul urges his readers to think abo…


Jan 17

I’m with you - getting into God’s Word helps a lot. So does remembering that He’s right here with me and I can focus on the joy of His presence and His proven faithfulnes.

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