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What my hubby taught me this Halloween

It's Halloween at our house
Halloween at the Turleys

My hubby is like a little child at Halloween! Something about this holiday makes him so happy. He loves to decorate outside, he loves to buy the goodies, and he tries to beat me to the door when kids walk up our driveway!

As he began decorating this year, I thought, okay, that's cute. Then he started adding -- and adding. And I started getting frustrated and anxious, which then led me to realize a couple of things.

I am still worried about what people think. I've really been working on this for awhile but sometimes I still struggle. And as much as I am a leader and an adventurer, I sometimes want to hang with the pack. My neighbors don't decorate much, so we should follow suit.

But as I started paying attention to my spouse, I noticed things in him that aren't always there. He was excited, his eyes were sparkling, he was happy and joyful! And that made me grateful! It made me realize that he can still embrace the small, fun things in life. That's so much more important that what my neighbors think (or don't think!).

Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” Mark 10:15(NIV)

Let's embrace joy like a little child! I am so grateful for a hubby who decorates for Halloween like a little child. And by the way, the kids loved it!

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