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Welcome to My Mess!

Stories of a Messy Life

My name is Vickie Turley. I am a wife to Rocky, mom to four grown boys, Nana to many grandchildren and dog mom to an overweight beagle named Buddy. I love to read, cook, garden (beginning) and being with my grands. I've just begun writing and have found I have a passion for it. I am living life to the fullest and I am far from done! I am a work-in-progress, a recovering perfectionist and love finding out what God has next for me, through bible studies, friendships and just being with Him. And I still have a messy life - and will have until my time here on Earth is complete.


What I've learned through this thing called life is that God's plan has always been better than my plan. Even when I turned my back on Him, He was patiently waiting for me. I pray, that through my messy life stories, something you read will give you joy, give you peace, and a bit of comfort in your own life. I want to inspire and encourage others to find God's presence in their own messy moments. And if you don't know God - can we talk? Life with Him is eternal and is a decision you will never regret!


Join me as we walk this thing called "life" together.

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