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What We Can Learn about Dancing in the Streets?

Dancing in the Streets


A man walks down a busy street,

Earbuds in, but I can hear him sing. 

He’s openly dancing. 

And he looks a little crazy…

Or does he?

I’m wondering if maybe

We change the way we see

‘Crazy’ to fit our belief 

That it’s not normal to be happy. 

His day is brighter, or so it seems

And we watch on jealously. 

And judge him because he 

Lives a little more freely.  -Evah Smith

First, I have to give a shout-out to my amazing 15-year old granddaughter, who wrote the above poem. This poem came to her after her family drove by a man dancing in the streets during a recent trip abroad. I believe we can learn so much from this fellow!

As you can tell, her first thought was that he looks a little crazy. And wouldn't many of us think that? Our world has become so regimented in what is considered "normal." To see a person walking down the sidewalk, dancing and singing out loud - I think many of us would take a second and third look, and judge. But I wonder - maybe instead of immediately jumping to a "judgment," it's time to think about our initial reactions, why we go there, and figure out what we might be able to learn from this person. Maybe we can wonder what would make this person so free and full of joy, that they would dance and sing in the streets. Below are three lessons I learned from this poem. I pray they resonate with you - and that it prompts even more lessons.


"Brothers and sisters, do not complain about one

another, so that you will not be judged.

Look, the judge stands at the door!" James 5:9

1.     It's not our place to judge. It's easy to see someone who dresses differently than we do or does things differently than we do - and judge. But that is not what we are called to do, is it? We are called to love one another as Christ loves us. We are called to be in unity in our diverseness. We are called to love others because of their differences, not in spite of them. So let's spend more time finding the joy in others' actions rather than wondering what is "wrong" with them. Let's put ourselves in someone else's shoes and think how we would feel to have to wear rags or dirty clothes. Let's spend more time smiling at others rather than wondering what they may have done to cause their situation. Let God be the judge!

And I want to add here, there is a difference in judging and speaking out against that which is in opposition to God and His Word. We are called to understand the difference between right and wrong. Jesus lovingly pointed everyone to the one way to Heaven and we are called to do the same. Let's always remember that it is a narrow path to our Savior and speaking out in love to those who are choosing other paths is a part of our calling.

"You have put more joy in my heart than they have

when their grain and new wine abound." Psalm 4:7

2.     Spend more time displaying your joy. It took me a long time to understand what "joy" really means. Joy comes from the inside, from the heart. It's not the same as happiness, it's something that comes bubbling up from deep within, from the Holy Spirit. So it stands to reason that when we are joyful, it bubbles out! Maybe it makes our face shine, maybe we are grinning from ear to ear, maybe we are raising our hands as we sing in church. Whatever way it displays in you, know that it's okay to be and show joy! As a society, I believe we've limited ourselves on outward displays; as Christians, it's become even more apparent. But if we are doing it for God, I believe we should let our joy be known. Be joyful in the Lord! Be bubbly and excited for Him. Let people know, by the joy we display, that we have something they need!

"They shall praise His name with dancing;

They shall sing praises to Him with

tambourine and lyre." Psalm 149:3

Singing to the Lord

3. Sing praises and dance for the Lord. For many years, I had an idea of what it was “supposed” to sound and look like to worship. Sometimes tears would stream down my face when singing and I’d carefully wipe them away. I’d stand in my place, itching to sway, but not daring to do so. Why do we do this? I think we are afraid that someone might hear us singing, with not as great a voice as others, and be offended. I think we are afraid that someone might see us swaying to the music and wonder if we are “one of those.” Yet we read all throughout the Bible that people sang and danced in praise to God. They lifted their voices, they lifted their hands, they danced in the streets. Maybe we should spend less time wondering what people might think and wonder instead what Jesus might think. Maybe it's time to be like children again - just singing off key and enjoying the song! Please don’t misunderstand me, if you are not a demonstrative person, I’m not saying you should do something that’s not in your nature. What I am saying is let’s focus more on God and not people. If you feel you want to praise by raising your hands, raise them! If you feel you want to praise by swaying to the beat, do it! And if you feel you want to praise by dancing in the streets, do it! Do it all for God!


Today, as we go about our daily activities, how can we show God's love? Let's see people in a different light and try not to judge; let's show our joy so that the lost world will ask what we have; and let's praise God the way we want to praise God! Will we look a little crazy to the world? Maybe! But if it's all for God's glory, will we care? Absolutely not!

What other lessons can you learn from a man dancing in the streets? I'd love to hear in the comments below.

Until next time,


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As I mature in my walk with the Lord, I'm realizing more and more - God's opinion is the ONLY one that matters! Love your granddaughter's poem!!



I skipped through a parking lot with my grandson the other day. Just giggling and singing. He is unafraid to express his joy. I want to be like him. I’d be thrilled for someone to ask me “where do you get this joyful spirit from?” I want to be ready to say that my joy comes from the Lord! We should overflow with joy as Christians and I am sure that that joy is expressed in many different ways. There’s no need to be like the person next to you in church. Be you and share your joy wherever you are!❤️

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